8 February 2010

madrid 24/7 trailer

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21 June 2008

cocor building site

up goes a fence, three days later the whole shit is bombed. gotta love this city.

the rest after the jump


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5 April 2008

aeroart no.1

we finally have an all-graff magazine – thanks to aeroart.ro.


check it out here 

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urban battle contest – socolescu high

won by the epc guys from constanta. you guess which one was the winner.


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28 March 2008

prin centru


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gotta love budapest

some kids put some stones in the tram’s way, which derailed, then tagged it. goddam.


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18 March 2008

beef/ war/ silly fuckin joke

picked up from resk and tuberat’s flogs:

resk said on 18/03/08 09:45 …

why do all london “kings” paint like that, no offence, but i’d espect more style

rainman is the only fucker ive ever seen paint that style, hardly typical london style is it, or do you think the dds i posted on paris sub is similar?
if so i pity you more than i did


tuberat said on 3/17/08 8:53 AM …

i dont see how you can call one of londons kings toy. he has more history and actions worldwide under his belt than serm has had shits.
they screw up a serm ‘burner’ with tags because serm and 10 gypsies robbed and beat 3 of there friends, one of which went to hospital he was beaten so bad.
do that and the least you expect is a few dogged old panels id suspect.
if he’d done it to any of my boys, we’d all be over in fuckin gypsy town and we’d be cutting everyone of them cunts up

resk said on 18/03/08 10:45 …

no, i just couldn’t find the link between king and styles like that, maybe its because of my point of view…i see london “kings” came here and painted worse than 90% of toys…wack

firstly by king i mean people who’ve done over or near 20 years of illegal graf on subways trains and streets,dont get it twisted though, london has many kings as we have history and we have soldiers, you aint got shit except for a shit buff.

secondly i mean style innovators and not style cheats like your scene, scout a magazine and copy your favourite ‘magazine writers’…when these cats learnt there craft there was no mags or internet….there was imagination and comradeship.

innovation will always win, you can produce burners but if it aint your burner and it dont reflect you and your personality then dont fuckin bother, you a biter and you a loser, give up, history wont remember you or you kind.

and remember in your baby scene, the best things ive seen are all tourists and your kings do dedications to other cities kings because they have no imagination for themselves…you might create styles in the future, just shut your disrespectful mouth till that actually happens.

oh and looking at your fotolog you aint shit boy, stick to your walls in fields

im out boy, get out of your pram, grown some balls, spit ya dummy out and hush ya trap


tuberat said on 3/17/08 9:49 AM …

nah what i heard was serm was meant to sell three spanish guys paint, he told them to meet him somewhere, he turned up with 2 cars of mates, they attacked the spanish,tried to rob them, they fought, one of the spanish ended up in hospital with bad head wounds, so a few weeks later, the london writers took out serm and wrote the names of the spanish writers over him because they knew them and thought what serm did was fucked up. ye i understand the tourist situatiuon there, although ive never been, but this is different, serm shouldnt rob people he arranged to meet, especially 3 barcelona kings who are well connected worldwide, a lot of people have beef with him now.

tuberat said on 3/17/08 9:57 AM …


its true, i also know people who know him and they were shocked, but when 3 barcelona subway kings come back with war wounds (check the names on the train for who), the word quickly spreads around europe….and serm’s reputation is now fucked

being a king is more than just style, but even if it wasnt oker is a style king, he has some of the best throwups in the world, he is in king crews in nyc and paints with legends all over the world, rainman has an unique style, but your diss was poor as with a bit of research through my flog you would have noticed that london style is different to those that went bucharest, and anyway, these are photos ive found on the web and not there photos im sure they did better stuff, since your subway is meant to be so fuckin easy.

now, my question is this: our subway really is easy or are we just that plain hospitable? you know the answer.

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17 March 2008

articol din gardianul – “Paza insuficienta la metrou si vagoane vandalizate cu graffiti “


Securitatea la metrou lasa foarte mult de dorit. Cea mai buna dovada in acest sens a oferit-o un grup de tineri grafferi care s-au filmat in statiile de metrou, apoi in catacombele unde sunt stationate trenurile de metrou, pictand vagoanele cu spray-uri graffiti. Filmuletele facute prin subteranele Bucurestiului au fost apoi postate pe site-uri de internet, sub protectia anonimatului. Din imaginile aparute reiese ca tinerii vandali, uneori chiar minori sar pe sinele de metrou in timpul zilei, fara a se feri de nimeni si fara a fi impiedicati de agentii de paza din statii. Dupa cum se poate observa in filmuletul postat pe internet, tinerii circula nestingheriti prin subteran, intra in metrourile nefolosite, chiar in cabina de conducere. Tinerii surprinsi in imagini vopsesc metrourile, fapt care, conform legislatiei, este considerat act de vandalism si, in cazul in care acestia sunt prinsi, risca o amenda contraventionala cu valoarea intre 100 si 300 ron. Imaginile surprinse in subteranul bucurestean trag un semnal de alarma asupra usurintei cu care persoane rau intentionate pot patrunde in tunelurile Metrorex.

bla bla bla, vedeti restul aici

ps: e si filmul ala vechi din brancoveanu cu slovacii, sa moara limba aluia care l-a descoperit

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14 March 2008

interview with alex fakso

the creator of “heavy metal”, live and speaking:

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Se inchide statia de metrou Obor

Statia de metrou Obor va fi inchisa, in perioada 22 martie – 25 mai, din cauza lucrarilor de modernizare a pasajului Obor, anunta Ministerul Transporturilor. In aceste conditii, RATB va suplimenta parcul de vehicule pe liniile care tranziteaza zona, si anume 21, 66 si 634.


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