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28 January 2007

copenhagen mini graff – the movie

de pe COPENHAGEN Sketch did it, a model railway, scale 1:87, boxed in a movie and the online release. Featuring a part of copenhagen´s well known back in the days superiors and heroes, Sabe, Rens, Great, Bates, Kegr, Swet and a lot of more danish writer featured this project. All the writers has paint […]

26 January 2007

"if you don’t like salad, don’t do graffiti-ing"

hahahahaha: ps: astea sunt momente in care ma bucur enorm ca traiesc in romania


wholetrain in nyc. in 2007. da, stiu, incredibil :)

Clocking in at 750 feet of painted steel, this is a major feat for the so-called clean train era and a possible record for biggest whole train painted in history. It’s just too bad that Darius McCollum, the metrophile arrested nearly two dozen times for joyriding subway cars and attempted theft of a locomotive, was […]


pe la arhitectura

25 January 2007

metrou, eroilor


yo-yo, cum ar zice cineva:


de ce?!

tagul asta e destul de vechi, dar tot am simtit nevoia sa il postez. de ce pe statuie? de ce pe un monument? unde-i etica?


gara de nord

dambovita center

in jurul atat de trambitatului si totusi neterminat dambovita center:

22 January 2007

around town pt 2

la metrou la izvor: prin titan: